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August 3rd, 2009 12:03 pm
Looking for roommates?

Hi! My name's Michelle and I'm going to be a middler at NU this year. After having put it off for way too long, I'm looking at places to live next year and hoping to find another roommate or two!  At this point we have a couple people committed to living together, (myself, a 21 year old guy, and a 21 year old girl, all NU undergrads) but we just went and saw some gorgeous 5BRs, so if we take one we'll have 1-2 spots available!  We're going to haggle to get the price lowered (and since a 5BR is going to be so hard for the dealer to move this late that seems feasible), so with utilities it would be about 800-900 a month, which is also the range we're looking at for any other places we might choose.  We're looking at some right on campus, and others down Mass Ave a bit so up to 15 minutes walk from campus into the South End.  Seriously though, this 5BR we saw down by Mass Ave and Washington is absolutely gorgeous, 3 floor townhouse with tons of windows and right in the adorable part of the South End... I'm really hoping it's the one we end up in!
So - If you would be interested in possibly living together with other studious, respectful, fun people, send me a message!  Male, female, straight, gay, no problem as long as you're a nice, drama-free person.  And if you know anyone who's looking too please refer them to this message haha since it's getting late to be doing this.  My email's bellaboo1316@aol.com. (so email me OR use that to facebook me!) Looking forward to hearing from you! Michelle :)
PS - one of the bedrooms is HUGE so if you have a friend you'd like to share a BR with we can easily set it up to share that one.  Also, I can send you pics of this 5BR i'm telling you about if you want!

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Drew Cunningham
August 7th, 2009 02:01 pm (UTC)

wish I would've seen this sooner. My roomie and I just signed a lease for a 2 bedroom, but we were hoping to sign for a gorgeous 3 bedroom. Definitely will let anyone I know who's looking for a roommate about your post. Good luck!